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What Does a Marketing

I am a marketing problem solver.

Digital Marketing Consulting is an umbrella terms and means lots of different things to lots of different people, usually either depending on their needs or their own marketing expertise (or lack thereof).

Some people may also refer to this position as an Internet Marketing Consulting, Marketing Consultant, Digital Marketing Freelancer, Digital Marketing Guru (a term I detest), Growth Marketing Consultant, Growth Hacker, Revenue Marketing Consultant, Demand Generation Consulting, Inbound Marketing Consultant, Digital Marketing Influencer, Digital Marketing Strategist, Digital Marketing Specialist, Digital Marketing Maven, Digital Marketing Expert, Digital Marketing Professional… and that is all before you get into the different digital marketing tactics there are.

The term “expert” gets thrown around a lot unfortunately… I’ve seen some people claim they’re experts when they have less than a year’s experience. I’m not kidding.

Digital Marketing Consultant

So back to the topic, what I do as a Digital Marketing Consultant: I solve problems and exceed goals (so long as they’re reasonable).

Most of my clients have a problem:

  • I don’t have enough leads
  • I don’t have enough sales
  • I need to grow my business
  • I need more phone calls
  • I need more traffic to my website
  • I need my marketing to be more profitable
  • I need more business out of my reduced budget
  • I’m getting traffic to my website but no one is converting
  • I need to increase my ranking on (insert here) keywords
  • I don’t know what marketing is working and what isn’t
  • I need to launch (insert here) tactic
  • My website needs updating
  • I need better marketing content
  • My social media isn’t driving sales
  • I need to make sure my agency is doing a good job/not ripping me off

Sometimes its people looking to meet goals:

  • I want to grow MY business
  • I want to grow THE business
  • I want to get more out of my existing budget
  • I need to show proof of the business we’re generating
  • I want to add (insert here) marketing tactic to our existing marketing
  • I want to beat/surpass/take marketing share away from (insert competitor)

But at the end of the day unless I’m dealing with the owner of the business, someone is worried about:

  1. Looking bad/doing a bad job
  2. Has pressure on delivering on goals/numbers that someone else made up
  3. Wants to make more money

You Need Marketing Help
and I Have Marketing Help

The good news is that I have been in pretty much all of those positions, so I understand the need/desire/fear of where you’re coming from.

A vast majority of my engagements with clients start in one place and end up in another. Needing to get more sales out of the social media marketing often turns into reconfiguring the conversion tracking in their analytics programs and marketing platforms. Wanting more traffic to the website starts with identifying the ideal clients and ends up with new messaging, a new offer, and new marketing campaigns. Many times, wanting more leads turns into improving lead quality (I mean who wants to sort through a bunch of unqualified leads anyway?).

At the end of the day it’s my job to deliver on what you want when it comes to digital marketing.

Here are the various ways I can be helpful:

  • Marketing strategy
  • Marketing Messaging
  • Marketing – Sales alignment
  • Marketing – Sales funnel analysis
  • Company awareness
  • Competitive analysis
  • Marketing funnel development
  • Content Analysis & Development
  • Website Analysis & Development
  • Prospect profile development (persona development)
  • Marketing Offers
  • New customer acquisition
  • Demand Generation
  • Digital Marketing Development & Execution
    • Inbound Marketing
    • SEM (Search Engine Marketing A.k.a. Paid Search)
    • SEO (Search Engine Optimizations A.k.a. Organic Search)
    • Social Media Marketing (Paid, Organic, Content Development, Management)
    • PPC (Pay-Per-Click Marketing)
    • Local Marketing (Directories, Listings, Citations, Profiles)
    • Content Marketing & Development
    • CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization)
    • Chatbot and Conversational Marketing
    • Reputation Management
    • Marketing Automation
    • Email Marketing
    • (ABM) Account-Based Marketing
    • Display Marketing (banners A.k.a. Programmatic Marketing)
    • Website Analytics
    • Conversion Tracking
    • Phone Tracking
    • Website & Landing Page Development
    • CRM Management

OK, it looks like a lot, but all of the things tie together to make beautiful marketing.

There are a lot of things I don’t do and some things I can make recommendations for (platforms, technologies, consultants and agencies) all with confidence and value in mind.

What You can expect from Me:

  1. Honesty: If something there’s a problem, I’ll let you know. If I screw up, I’ll let you know. All problems can be overcome through good, honest, and complete communication.
  2. Transparency:  Like a pane of glass, you’ll see exactly what’s going on. But I expect the same in return; it makes both of our jobs easier.
  3. Hard Work: I’m going to do everything I can to make your marketing as successful as possible. Your business is what supports not only your family but the families of your employees and stakeholders. It’s a big deal.
  4. Integrity: I won’t hide or obscure the truth. I’m going to let you know exactly what’s going on. We’re partners in this.

The results you can expect from hiring me:

  • Getting as many leads as you can afford and/or handle
  • Getting as much in sales as your business can afford and/or handle
  • Growing your business
  • Getting as many phone calls as you can afford and/or handle
  • Getting more traffic to your website
  • Getting as much profit as possible from your marketing
  • I the most business out of your budget
  • Increasing the conversion rate of your website
  • Increasing your rankings on your relevant keywords
  • Find out which marketing is working and which isn’t so that you can stop the marketing that isn’t working
  • Adding the marketing tactic you need to your marketing mix
  • Updating your website for performance
  • Finding and developing more and better marketing content
  • Get your social media to drive sales
  • Making sure your agency is either doing a good job or finding out they need to be replaced
  • Setting up proper tracking and automated reporting (sometimes real-time)
  • Meeting, beating, and taking market share away from your targeted competitor
  • Doing a good job/improving marketing results
  • Hitting those goals that someone else made up and how did they come up with those goals anyway?
  • Make more money

You Win, I Win,
We ALL Win

So that’s what I do as a Digital Marketing Consultant. I’ve been doing it for nearly 20 years, I’ve invested over $1 billion in digital marketing over my career, and your success is the only way I stay in business.

If you’d like to learn more or talk about your current needs, please contact me at your convenience.

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