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First, what I’m not: I’m not an agency, so you’ll be working directly with me. I’m also not replacing a marketing team.

What I’m here for: I’m here to help. I’m here to work alongside or with your marketing personnel. I’ll help coach, train, and guide both junior marketers and executives not well-versed in marketing. I’m here to get the job done and make you look good.

Here are the multiple ways I help companies with their marketing:

Fractional Marketing Specialist

Executing already conceived marketing campaigns and functional. I am involved strictly with the execution of marketing tasks. This can be filling in for a temporarily missing marketing person or filling a gap in marketing resources. I integrate into your marketing team. Ideal for companies large and small. $1,000/mo. minimum.

Fractional Marketing Manager

Responsible for planning, developing, and executing marketing strategies and campaigns. May also manage a marketing team. I integrate into your marketing team.

Ideal for companies without a dedicated marketer, working alongside a single marketer, and companies with only a few marketing efforts. $2,000/mo. minimum.

Fractional Marketing Director

A senior-level executive who is responsible for an organization’s overall marketing strategy and efforts. Directs the marketing department and collaborates with other departments to achieve business objectives.

Ideal for small to medium-sized companies where there are multiple dedicated marketers and/or managing agencies executing marketing campaigns. $3500/mo. minimum.

Fractional Marketing Vice President

A higher executive role that involves strategic planning and coordination of the marketing efforts across the organization. Often part of the senior leadership team, contributing to overall company strategy.

Ideal for medium-sized companies where there are multiple dedicated marketers, a need to build out an internal marketing team, manage agencies executing marketing campaigns, and develop overall marketing strategy. May also include rebranding efforts. $6000/mo. minimum.

Fractional CMO

The highest marketing position within a company, responsible for the entire marketing operation, and setting the strategic marketing direction. The CMO works closely with other C-level executives to ensure the marketing strategy aligns with the company’s overall objectives.

Ideal for medium-sized to large companies where there is a marketing team or department, a need to build out an internal marketing team, managing agencies executing marketing campaigns, developing company branding, developing and executing overall marketing strategy, and directly responsible for marketing performance. $9000/mo. minimum.

Ready to Get Started?

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Marketing Consultant
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