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Marketing Technology Won't Save Your Bad Marketing

Technology Won’t Save Your Bad Marketing

No amount of technology can turn bad marketing into something productive. That’s not technology’s job, but it’s a job that gets assigned to technology constantly.

A marketer’s job is to tell a story in such a way that gets people to take action. Crafting that story, finding the right people to tell that story, connecting that story to a need or want of the intended target… those are the jobs of a marketer.

The job of technology is to make marketing easier, or scalable, or faster, or more organized. That’s it. Artificial Intelligence isn’t intelligent enough to look at your offer and search out your competitors’ offers to see how it measures up. AI can’t find missed opportunities on its own. Algorithms are only looking to hit or surpass the goal given to them without taking anything else into consideration such as your landing page doesn’t render well on a mobile device.

Marketing takes time, desire, and effort. Marketing takes time to craft and hone through trial and testing and learning. And once you’ve got your marketing mix just right, a competitor comes in with a new product or offer or worse yet more marketing budget and you have to adjust. Marketing takes planning and execution and learning.

If your marketing is bad, technology won’t make it work. So, don’t blame technology when your marketing doesn’t work.

Aaron is a Marine Corps Veteran who started doing small business marketing in 2000, internet marketing in 2001, and social media marketing in 2006. He has started multiple businesses (both successfully and unsuccessfully), raised venture capital and partnered with billionaire investors, grown thriving digital marketing agency and consulting businesses, and has worked in startups, small businesses, and Fortune 100 enterprises.

In terms of education, Aaron has earned a Bachelor of Arts in Arts & Sciences from Texas State University, an MBA with a focus on Marketing from The University of Texas of the Permian Basin, and teaches classes in SEM and SEO as an Adjunct Professor for Loyola University of New Orleans.

Aaron has decades of experience developing marketing strategy, executing a wide range of digital marketing tactics, developing marketing content and ad copy, and hiring, training, and leading marketing, sales, and business operations teams.

As a Digital Marketing Strategist, Entrepreneur, and Consultant Aaron provides high level strategy, direction, planning, tactical execution, financial modeling, market demand analysis, and competitor analysis for business-to-business and retail businesses of all sizes and stages.

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