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The Top 7 Marketing KPIs You Must Know

  1. Revenue – I’ve never seen an employee accept a low CPC or high market share in lieu of pay.
  2. Profit Margin – knowing how much profit you have to market with… Fun fact: you’d better not spend all of your profit on marketing.
  3. CAC – Customer Acquisition cost. How much does it cost to acquire a new customer?
  4. Customer LTV (lifetime value) – How much profit will a customer generate? Bonus points if you know this by product or segment!
  5. Lead (or click) to Customer conversion rate – how many leads or clicks does it take to turn into a customer? This is a leading indicator so that you can optimize your marketing to generate the highest ROI possible.
  6. Cost – You think “No kidding” but are you including salaries and contractors and agencies and everything else? Program costs, not ad spend. Think like an executive or business owner, not a marketer.
  7. ROI (return on investment) – Marketing is an investment, a profit center, not a cost center. Knowing how much you’re getting back in revenue and profit for every marketing dollar invested provides a financial formula, a goal to optimize towards, keeps the marketing department staffed, and keeps the company in business.

Aaron is a Marine Corps Veteran who started doing small business marketing in 2000, internet marketing in 2001, and social media marketing in 2006. He has started multiple businesses (both successfully and unsuccessfully), raised venture capital and partnered with billionaire investors, grown thriving digital marketing agency and consulting businesses, and has worked in startups, small businesses, and Fortune 100 enterprises.

In terms of education, Aaron has earned a Bachelor of Arts in Arts & Sciences from Texas State University, an MBA with a focus on Marketing from The University of Texas of the Permian Basin, and teaches classes in SEM and SEO as an Adjunct Professor for Loyola University of New Orleans.

Aaron has decades of experience developing marketing strategy, executing a wide range of digital marketing tactics, developing marketing content and ad copy, and hiring, training, and leading marketing, sales, and business operations teams.

As a Digital Marketing Strategist, Entrepreneur, and Consultant Aaron provides high level strategy, direction, planning, tactical execution, financial modeling, market demand analysis, and competitor analysis for business-to-business and retail businesses of all sizes and stages.

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