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Using Remarketing for Nurture Campaigns

Most enterprises utilize some sort of marketing automation tool to deploy their nurture campaigns. This usually takes the form of emailing current or perspective customers (hopefully) useful information to keep them engaged and the marketer’s company top-of-mind.

According to a Hubspot blog post from 2015 the median open rate for companies that send 3-5 emails per month is 32.2% with a CTR of 7.0% for Enterprise companies. That’s a pretty good open rate and click thru rate.

But what about all those people who didn’t sign up for your email list? According to the average email opt-in rate is only 1.95%. That leaves a ton of people not getting your nurture content.

Fear not, there’s another tactic that can deliver 100% of the people you who have visited your website your nurture content: remarketing. By creating audiences and audience segments you can deliver your nurture content to the appropriate audience wherever they travel on the internet.

Please make sure, though, that you’re not delivering the exact same nurture content to these audiences. If people signed up for your email list, then don’t remarket to them! They raised their hands by signing up and showing greater intent, so treat them that way (and you can also remarket to them via social media, Gmail, and Outlook via customer match if they aren’t receiving or opening those emails).

For that remarketing nurture audience make sure you’re keeping track of how many times they’ve visited your website! Multiple trips back and multiple pages consumed means their level of interest and intent is higher than the one-time visitor.

Using remarketing can be a valuable way to deliver your nurture content to a much broader audience, and make sure to tailor your content and experience so that your customers and potential customers are getting hit over the head with duplicate and excessive content!

Aaron is a Marine Corps Veteran who started doing small business marketing in 2000, internet marketing in 2001, and social media marketing in 2006. He has started multiple businesses (both successfully and unsuccessfully), raised venture capital and partnered with billionaire investors, grown thriving digital marketing agency and consulting businesses, and has worked in startups, small businesses, and Fortune 100 enterprises.

In terms of education, Aaron has earned a Bachelor of Arts in Arts & Sciences from Texas State University, an MBA with a focus on Marketing from The University of Texas of the Permian Basin, and teaches classes in SEM and SEO as an Adjunct Professor for Loyola University of New Orleans.

Aaron has decades of experience developing marketing strategy, executing a wide range of digital marketing tactics, developing marketing content and ad copy, and hiring, training, and leading marketing, sales, and business operations teams.

As a Digital Marketing Strategist, Entrepreneur, and Consultant Aaron provides high level strategy, direction, planning, tactical execution, financial modeling, market demand analysis, and competitor analysis for business-to-business and retail businesses of all sizes and stages.

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