I Help Businesses of All Types and Sizes Optimize their Marketing Efforts, Develop and Execute Highly Profitable Marketing Campaigns, and Help Build Marketing Infrastructure which Delivers Business Growth, Marketing Efficiency, and Sales.

I Specialize in Marketing Strategy, Marketing Infrastructure, Search, Social, Email, Content, Conversion Rate Optimization, Account-Based Marketing, and Delivering the Highest Marketing ROI Possible.

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New customers are the lifeblood of every business. Whether you are running a Small Local Business, a Global Enterprise, reselling for an OEM/Distributor, or a SaaS business acquiring new customers is the difference between growth becoming irrelevant.

Developing a Highly Scalable, Profitable, and Successful Marketing Program which delivers the Highest ROI possible is Achievable Using my Award-Winning Process.

Digital Marketing Consulting

Complete review of digital marketing including competitor analysis, marketing demand analysis, paid search analysis, website analysis, inbound marketing strategy, content mapping, lead scoring & qualification, financial modeling, customer identification and segmentation, and Go-to-Marketing strategy analysis.

Account-Based Marketing (ABM)

Having worked with all major ABM vendors I've learned what content offers work, how to find and target your accounts effectively and efficiently, and how to get those potential clients to turn into qualified leads.

Digital Marketing Audits

A complete review of digital marketing efforts at a tactical level. This includes paid search, paid social, display and remarketing, email marketing, PPC marketing, ABM (account-based marketing), tracking and reporting, and KPI identification.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Using data and analytics, optimizing your website so that we convert as many visitors into customers and clients as possible..

Marketing for Business Startups
Is Digital Marketing for Startups Crucial for Success?

As an entrepreneur launching a new brand or company, there are probably several things on your to do list. Creating a budget, perfecting your product, and so much more goes into building a brand from the ground up. Is developing a digital marketing strategy on that to do list of yours?  It should be.  No…


Top Benefits of Hiring a Marketing Strategy Consultant

Developing a successful marketing strategy is challenging to small and established ventures. However, the rising marketing competition has forced entrepreneurs to find professionals who can assess and understand all business marketing needs. They use these needs to create a working marketing strategy. Are you having struggles with your marketing efforts? It is high time you…


marketing funnel and campaign goals
Marketing Strategy Tip: Develop a Marketing-Sales Funnel

Marketing Strategy Tip: Develop a Marketing-Sales funnel and use different campaigns for different goals. You can’t run an “Awareness” campaign that is also measured on Cost Per Lead. Define your KPIs and then develop and group the campaigns trying to achieve the same goal.  Have a few campaigns for Awareness and measure reach. Have campaigns…


The Top 7 Marketing KPIs You Must Know

Revenue – I’ve never seen an employee accept a low CPC or high market share in lieu of pay. Profit Margin – knowing how much profit you have to market with… Fun fact: you’d better not spend all of your profit on marketing. CAC – Customer Acquisition cost. How much does it cost to acquire…


Two Motivations for B2B Marketers

There are two primary motivations marketers need to address in their messaging: Making the target business more money Taking away some sort of pain for the target business Seriously, all B2B buying boils down to these two motivations. While #1 is pretty self-explanatory, #2 might need a little more explanation. Taking away some sort of…


Using Remarketing for Nurture Campaigns

Most enterprises utilize some sort of marketing automation tool to deploy their nurture campaigns. This usually takes the form of emailing current or perspective customers (hopefully) useful information to keep them engaged and the marketer’s company top-of-mind. According to a Hubspot blog post from 2015 the median open rate for companies that send 3-5 emails…


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